Sara Bareilles - Gravity

Happy Feet

my dearest chenny, you just made my day in a major major way. thank you :D

i think you have nice shoes and really cute feet in the photos, by the way. unlike some. eek. ;D


In my continuous effort to see the world (See tumblr page descriptor), my feet, along with 2 more pairs, went for a non-stop walk overseas.

Orchard Road, SG (methinks)

Some museum in KL

Sentosa area (or so methinks)

In an unrelated note, this post is actually dedicated to my good friend who’s just had it.

live curious :)

Broken Strings - James Morrison ft. -whoa- Nelly Furtado

for you.

by the magic numbers.

summer of 2003(?)
mica, lets hiit da bech naaa.  

summer of 2003(?)

mica, lets hiit da bech naaa.  

sobra ka na fiona.

If I have all the money in the world…

hahaha sole follower for now. sama ko sa roma!


I’d be this chick and fly to Rome in a heartbeat.

Okay, I can do without the hideous outfit. But, i looooove the art.  I’m still looking where I got this *material.

Happy Sunday everyone! And by everyone, I meant Sarah Garcia aka my sole follower. hehe

*The art was by Andrea Laliberte. She even has New York, Paris and London versions. I just love her!

current mood

=( Charlie and his little friend Jackie Coogan here.

sana nga lahat ng sagot ay nasa google.